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How to Grow a Beard Fast

Growing a beard, or considering growing a beard, for the first time? Whether you’re gearing up to grow for seasonal reasons (Movember, cooler weather, holidays, etc.) or you’ve just decided to make a change to your personal style, we salute you and we’re here to help! Growing a killer beard is not without a few challenges. But by following some simple practices, building a consistent routine, and learning what works best for YOU, we promise you’ll be a #Beast in no time!

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How to Use Beard Balm

To start, what is beard balm, and why are you using it? At ManBeast, it’s no secret that our primary focus is on Beard Oils. We’ve carefully tailored them to different body chemistries in order to help everyone reach their full potential in the shortest amount of time. Beard Oil is all about providing the nutrients your beard needs to grow quickly, be healthy, and look great. Beard Balm, on the other hand, is mostly about lightly styling and taming strays. While our Lion Tamer Premium Beard Balm contains some of the same ingredients as our Custom Oil Blends along with unrefined mango butter for additional nourishment, it also contains bees wax to provide some hold. Because it’s nut-free and...

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How to Use Beard Oil

So…you’ve decided to try beard oil (great decision, by the way). You’re aware of all the benefits and you’re committed to making it part of your daily routine. The anticipation of just how amazing you’re about to look is rising up inside. But now that you’re ready to become a Beast…..what exactly do you do with this stuff?

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