How to Use Beard Oil


How To Use Beard Oil

So…you’ve decided to try beard oil (great decision, by the way). You’re aware of all the benefits and you’re committed to making it part of your daily routine. You've used our Product Selector to determine which oil blend is right for you. The anticipation of just how amazing you’re about to look is rising up inside. But now that you’re ready to become a Beast…..what exactly do you do with this stuff?

Relax, it’s really quite simple. However, there are some best practices to ensure that you’re maximizing your potential and getting results as quickly as possible.


To start - realize that quality beard oils are designed to be applied to both skin and hair. In fact, most of the magic happens at the follicle. Those wonderful naturally harvested ingredients we’ve talked so much about need to be absorbed by the skin in order to stimulate growth and rebalance your nutrient profile. So definitely focus on working into the to skin as much as possible (don’t worry, it’s going to get on your beard in the process).


For maximum effectiveness, it is best to apply when you're pores are open. This means after (preferably) a hot shower, or at least a hot face wash. Use at least once per day, optionally twice for best results. You may find that you need to use more in cooler and dryer seasons and less at other times.


Following a hot shower or face wash, pat your beard mostly dry. Place a few drops (see below) into your palm, and work onto fingertips of opposite hand. Massage directly into your skin, working up against the grain from underneath the chin up towards your bottom lip (this will help you work into the pores). Repeat the process working up from the bottom of each cheek until you reach the sideburns, then apply to your mustache area.

For longer beards, pull hair through your fingers starting from the skin and working out, and use your fingertips to coat the length of your mustache area. This will help to ensure even coating. 

Next, rub your palms together and apply residual oil with palms and fingertips working down from the sideburns, then down from mustache area all the way around and underneath chin. This will help to straighten out and lay down the hairs. For shorter styles, that may be enough. As you gain some length, you’ll want to use a good quality comb to get everything nice and tidy.

How Much?

Determining how much beard oil is a bit of trial and error, as everybody is different. However, the length and thickness of your beard will play a big role in how much you’ll need. Here are some rules of thumb that will get you started:

  • Just starting out
    • The first few days (5 o’clock shadow) - 1-2 drops directly massaged into skin
    • As you start to get scruffy, your beard will automatically start to absorb more - up to 2-3 drops. Continue focusing on skin, this amount will likely stay constant for the next few weeks.
    • From 1-3 months, you’ll likely be in the 4-6 drop range
    • After 3 months, it will start to depend on how (if at all) you’re trimming your beard. But by this time, you’ll already be a pro and know exactly what your beard needs.

About 10 minutes after applying, give yourself a wipe down with clean/dry hands. There should be little to no residue (although you may see a sheen on your palms and fingers). If you must wash your hands afterward, you used too much oil. ManBeast oils are designed to absorb completely in approximately 10 minutes, so adjust your usage accordingly.

Have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Post in the comments section. If you're ready to #BeastYourBeard, check out our Custom Beard Oil Blends.

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