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Eliminating the phrase: "I can't grow a beard because..."


Our Custom Beard Oils are tailored to meet your individual needs. Other brands vary only the fragrance between lines, which is <5% of the product.

We like smelling great too. But our real passion is helping guys grow the best beards they possibly can. So we designed different oil blends to eliminate issues that are so often responsible for men throwing in the towel when it comes to growing a beard:

  • - Dry or Oily Skin or Hair
  • - Excessive Itch or Irritation
  • - Problems with Acne or Dandruff
  • - Patchy, Uneven Growth

We match 100% of the nutrient content in our custom oils to your specific body chemistry, correcting deficiencies that are often responsible for these issues.

Take our short quiz to find your perfect blend. Then choose any of our incredible scents. Your beard will thank you!

Creating New Beasts Everyday...

...One Beard at a Time

What Kind of Beast are You?

Finally...A Beard Care Routine Designed for Growth

ManBeast Beard Oils are Custom-Tailored to complement your individual body chemistry and maximize healthy growth.

Other brands attempt to address the needs of bearded men with a single solution.

We believe this one-size-fits-all model is irrelevant to today's well-groomed man.

Give us 6 weeks - we'll give you your best possible beard.


What Kind of Beast are You?

What Kind of Beast are You?

What Kind of Beast are You?

What Kind of Beast are You?

Come Up to Custom

We launched ManBeast based on a singular concept - Every Individual is Unique - a fundamental principal that has long been overlooked by the cosmetics industry.

We’re changing the game with the first ever line of Beard Oils that are Custom-Blended to supplement your natural body chemistry.

Take our short quiz to get started. Answer a few questions about your skin and hair type, allergies, age, and environment. We'll determine the best custom oil blend to maximize healthy beard growth.

From there, just choose your favorite scent, and we'll ship you a custom order.

Harvesting Nature's Potential for Growth

Premium ingredients lead to premium beards - and we're serious about being premium. That's why there are a number of things that don't make the cut for our products: artificial fragrances, preservatives, and synthetics, to name a few. The only ingredients we use are harvested directly from nature by methods that preserve the nutrients as much as possible. We mix these ingredients in small batches by hand, delivering maximum potential to your beard in every drop.

but Don't just take our word for it...

Hands down the best beard oil I've ever tried...leaves my beard and skin feeling soft and supple. The Tradesman scent is fantastic!

Greg H.

Finally something for us guys with allergies! Works well and smells great.

Matthew S.

Big Fan of the Tall Bunyan...my beard has never been happier! I have used several brands of beard oils in the past, and these oils are giving my beard new life and energy.

Brian W.

Great product. As advertised it is unscented a real plus for me. It tamed the beast! Beard looks good and healthy. My skin also feels good. Thanks!

Miguel O.

I purchased the Santa Barbarossa and love it! The oil absorbs quickly and completely... this is the best product I've found. Can't wait to try the balm!

Mike P.

Great for my sensitive skin...Many products cause me to break out. This one does not. I'll probably never use another beard oil again...Thank you ManBeast!

Andy C.

Got this product for dry skin under the beard and instance relief. I would recommend this product for any one with allergies or sensitive skin.

Nicholas A.

Just started my beard, and started using your oil. It really works, softens my beard, and makes it smell great!

Armando O.

Works as good as recommended. After this bottle is finished, I will try a different scent just to see the different scents available. I am very pleased with this product.

Patrick T.

What Kind of Beast are You?

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What Kind of Beast are You?

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Join us as we build the next revolution in Men's Care. We understand that your beard is a personal choice, as is your care routine. Take a chance to see how custom formulated products can elevate your game to its highest level - you'll be glad you did.

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