No Tree Nuts, No Preservatives, No Synthetics

Hypoallergenic Beard Care

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Nut-Free & All Natural

ManBeast Products are hand made from 100% natural plant extracts with no artificial additives.

No Synthetics, Preservatives, or Tree-Nuts

Made exclusively with seed-based oils and butters, ManBeast products are designed to eliminate the allergic reactions often associated with ingredients derived from tree-nuts.

Hypoallergenic Beard Oil

Our Premium Beard Oil is 100% Nut Free and designed to promote serious growth. This carefully balanced blend of seed-based oils will stimulate hair follicles, nourish your skin, and soften your beard.

Hypoallergenic / Nut-Free Beard Oil

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Premium Beard Balm

Hypoallergenic and Nut-Free, our Premium Beard Balm provides a light hold that will keep your mane in check all day long. The perfect styling compliment to our nourishing Beard Oil.

Hypoallergenic / Nut-Free Beard Balm

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Beard Care With

Zero Tree-Nuts

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Products that are 100%


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Ingredients That Are

100% Natural

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What Kind of Beast are You?

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Hypoallergenic Products Geared Towards Growth

We're passionate about helping guys grow the best beards they possibly can. So our products are specially designed to eliminate issues that are so often responsible for men throwing in the towel when it comes to growing a beard:

  • Dry or Oily Skin or Hair
  • Excessive Itch or Irritation
  • Problems with Acne or Dandruff
  • Patchy, Uneven Growth

Our 100% seed-based grooming products will keep you looking tip-top all day. And because they're nut-free and hypoallergenic - you can quit worrying about allergies for yourself - or anyone you're close to.

Creating New Beasts Everyday...

...One Beard at a Time

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Grooming Tools

The perfect tools to keep your A-game right at your fingertips - morning, noon, or night.

Premium Sandalwood Beard Comb

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100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush

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Premium ingredients lead to premium beards - and we're serious about being premium. That's why there are a number of things that don't make the cut for our products: artificial fragrances, preservatives, and synthetics, to name a few. The only ingredients we use are harvested directly from nature by methods that preserve the nutrients as much as possible. We mix these ingredients in small batches by hand, delivering maximum potential to your beard in every drop.

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ManBeast Custom Beard Oils and Premium Balm

Join us as we Revolutionize Men's Grooming with Nut-Free and Hypoallergenic Products.

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