About Us

ManBeast is a small, independently-owned Men’s Cosmetics Business located in Austin, TX.

Company Philosophy

ManBeast was founded on a simple idea - that no two of us are completely alike. You and your beard are unique, and you deserve a beard care routine that caters to your specific body chemistry.

Other premium beard oil brands differentiate their products by changing fragrances, leaving 95% or more of the ingredients identical between different product lines. We believe that this one-size-fits-all approach to men’s cosmetics is an outdated model. That’s why we carefully developed our unique oil blends with ideal levels of essential fatty acids and vitamins to accommodate all different types of skin and hair.  We even offer a hypoallergenic product for those concerned about tree nut allergies. And to deliver a truly personalized experience, all of our products are available in any of our incredible fragrances.

Most beard care products are intended to provide shine and softness. ManBeast Products were designed to bring your beard to its fullest potential. They were designed to help you unleash your inner Beast!

Core Values

  • Every individual is unique, and every individual has an inner beast. Therefore:
    • We provide unique products based on skin and hair type.
    • We provide fragrance (or fragrance free) options for every product type for a truly custom experience.
  • Nature provides everything that is needed. Therefore:
    • We formulate blends of natural products to replenish essential fatty acids and vitamins that are lacking, rather than using drugs, synthetics, or antiseptics.
  • The highest quality ingredients make the highest quality products. Therefore:
    • We only work with suppliers whose oils are harvested using the most gentle processing methods available: Steam Distillation for Essential Oils, and Cold-Pressing for Carrier Oils.
    • We utilize organic products when available (currently >95% of our ingredients)
    • 100% of our ingredients are naturally occurring oils isolated from plants. No synthetics, preservatives, colorants, or artificial fragrances. Ever.

    About Chris

    With a firm belief that nature provides everything we need to live healthy and happy lives, Chris has a passion for seeking the best way to use those resources in harmony with human physiology. After earning a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and working for over 10 years in corporate research and development, he decided to combine a longtime interest in handmade soaps and cosmetics with his love of chemistry and passion for natural products. ManBeast was born out of this idea with the first ever line of beard oils that are tailored to work with different types of skin and hair.

    Chris initially grew his beard as a response to the combination of a baby face and unfortunately short stature. As he tells it, “I looked like a 12 year old, even as a fully grown adult entering the working world. I quickly realized how much potential we have to change our appearance through facial hair. Although I am always experimenting with the length and style, I’ve had a beard ever since.”

    “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.” - Ernest Hemingway

    While our initial products are centered around facial hair, there is much more to come, so please stay tuned.